Let’s be clear: We are nothing but huge, biochemical machines. Garbage in = garbage out. Or in other words, what you eat equals what your body feels and looks like.

Thousands of organizations and companies offer food and diet programs designed to help you lose weight and feel better. But the problem with any diet goes back to how we’re wired. We’re such creatures of habit that what we ate yesterday is probably what we’ll eat today and then again tomorrow. It might not be the exact same thing every day, but we all follow a repeating pattern. Then add in the fact that food is tied to emotions and memories, and it’s no surprise that changing what you eat can be quite a challenge.

My mom was a comfort food person. She had half a dozen favorite dishes handed down to her from her mom that she loved to cook, and we loved to eat them. The problem was that they were all carb-heavy and full of butter. And why wouldn’t they be? After all, we’re good Scottish folks from New England who love our yummy, buttery meals. To this day, when I enjoy one of my mom’s dishes, I remember her and my grandma. I’m brought right back to when they were still here. Try changing that emotional connection!

Paleo? Keto? The Zone? It’s not a matter of which one works best. The best diet is the one you stick with. Seriously almost all of them will have the desired effect if you stick with them. Pick that one and commit to it. But remember: You’re wired to keep eating the same things that you always have. When you slip up – because you will – be gentle with yourself and get back on track. The most important thing is to realize that you are perfect just the way you are. Who you are physically right now is absolutely amazing! When you get that – I mean really get that – you can come from that place of self-love and make any changes you want to how you eat.

We’re creating a program to help you implement any diet you choose. Let us help you choose the one that seems to be the easiest for you to stick with.